Where Hopes, Dreams and Wishes Matter More Than Disability's Impact

About Us

LifeDream is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization focused on addressing and meeting as many of the needs of adults and children living with significant disabilities as is possible through a person-centered, competency-based approach that brings medical science and the science of the human spirit together.

We are building our capacity to ensure that men, women and children living with significantly impactful disabilities are able to embrace their hopes, dreams and wishes regardless of disability. LifeDream accomplishes this through the functions of advocacy, education, services and activism.

Mission Statement

LifeDream will do everything possible for as long as necessary to make a disability, regardless of its complexity or impact, to not be the primary defining reference of who one is. LifeDream will succeed!

LifeDream Core Beliefs and Values:

  1. . LifeDream believes that All Things Are Possible and Nothing "Has To Be" for Those Living With significantly impactful disabilities
  2. LifeDream is committed to creating a community where those served by LifeDream experience themselves to be welcomed, wanted and matter and where their hopes, dreams and wishes are a fundamental component to our work
  3. LifeDream practices the ethic of care and compassion in our relationships with those we serve and work with.
  4. LifeDream believes people living with disabilities deserve to have a fulfilling and satisfying life in all of its dimensions.
  5. LifeDream is committed to ensuring that the social significance beauty presents in physical appearance is an experience available to the greatest extent possible for those living with significant disabilities

The Meaning Behind The LifeDream Logo

Life Dream International Logo

The LifeDream logo uses a line to represent the life of someone with disabilities. The line starts out in a spiral, a very confined and limited space. As people living with disabilities begin their journey with the LifeDream International Foundation they will have the opportunity to expand their horizons to be the person they desire being and do the things they had only dreamed of before - which is represented by the star at the end. This overall shape also forms, loosely, a cloud shape, which lends itself to the idea of focusing out beyond immediate surroundings, looking up to the clouds and stars and beyond.