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Project “Team Noah”

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The Need:

Accessible Van: $60,000
2014-2015 Ohio University Tuition
Fall Tuition: $3653.00
Spring Tuition: $3500.00

Introducing LifeDream’s Client Noah Trembly

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LifeDream would like to introduce to you a new friend of ours, Noah Trembly. Noah is one of the 22.5 million people in the United States who live with significantly impactful disabilities. For Noah that would include Cerebral Palsy and Quadriplegia. A pretty significant deal you would have to agree. And yet after getting to know Noah and learning about his hopes, dreams and wishes the disabilities he presents with almost fall into the background of life! We knew we had to get involved and become a partner with him in support of his moving into those hopes, dreams and wishes.

Noah has started his own business doing technical consulting and motivational and information speaking. He knows what it takes to make things digitally accessible, but needs reliable transportation and a chance to develop his skills.

What are your most heart-felt dreams?

What are the two key values that guide how you live your life?

Love and honesty

What are your greatest personal/professional strengths?

Would you share what your experience has been like at Ohio University?

The sense of inclusion from my professional colleagues as well as my professors. The satisfaction of being able to make a difference