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The Genysys Group Offers customized support for individuals and organizations seeking to successfully initiate, manage, and safeguard long-term change. This is what Genysys calls "Serious Change". Their distinctive is the use of VISION as the driving force for any serious change. They facilitate, educate, consult, and coach – They are dedicated to assisting organizations and individuals in a transformational experience that results in long term serious change.

The Genysys Group

Human Productivity Systems (HPS) Offers organizations and individuals help to create the future of their choice by assessing and focusing human energy through the lens of a clearly articulated vision.

Human Productivity Systems

Get quality legal advice, consultation and an attorney with LegalShield.  LegalShield is especially pleased to offer its services to people living with disabilities.   To learn more about the services available through  Legalshield click on the link below