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LifeDream Training and Workshop Programs

Strategic Futuring™ for Individuals Program

This program is designed to help participants living with disabilities identify their hopes, dreams and wishes and then develop a stratedgy that will serve as the approach they can use to realize their hopes, dreams and wishes as they choose the future they most desire. A unique component of this program is to recognize and respond to disability impacts without allowing the impacts serve as a limiting force to the realization of those hopes, dreams and wishes. To learn more about this program contact

Windmills" Attitudinal Training Program

Windmills" is a high-impact, attitudinal training program developed by the California Governor’s Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons. The curriculum consists of 11 sections (modules) that use participation and discovery as learning vehicles

The Music Within Progrm

Participants of this training program will use an interactive approach that will facilitate an increase of sensitivity and appreciation for the diversity of disability and the differences that persons living with disabilities bring to the communities they are a part of. The program will explore ways to see beyond the disability and focus on the attributes and potential of the individual.

Leaders Without Limits Program

Leaders Without Limits is an 18 hour Community Leadership Academy course designed to train individuals with disabilities to actively participate on nonprofit and community advisory boards, committees and councils as ongoing advocates for positive social change.

God Does Love People with Disabilities Program

There is often confusion concerning the true feelings God has for people with physical disabilities. This program will serve to explore misunderstandings and then offer the blessings God has for people living with disabilities.

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The Founder and President of LifeDream, Darrell Purdy, offers several workshop presentations designed to encourage, inspire and challenge audience in a way that will make them laugh and cry. Darrell has spoken to various groups of different sizes on the following topics:

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